First Aid Creams

Our creams are specifically created for your most frustrating skin conditions like bruising, facial redness and foot pain.  Whether you have rosacea, bruise easily or suffer from plantar fasciitis, our creams can help and are found in the FIRST-AID Section of leading Pharmacies and Natural Health Stores. Learn More

Skin Care Creams

Every day our delicate skin is exposed to harsh elements and damaging stressors, and over time. Zax’s Skincare Creams,  treat a variety of conditions including age spots, sun spots, and under eye dark circles and puffiness and can be found in the SKINCARE section of leading pharmacies and natural health stores. Learn More

Conditions Our Products Are Used For

Our goal is to help you find the Zax's Original Cream you need. We’ve worked hard to develop the most effective natural remedies available for common conditions. If you suffer from one of the below conditions, we’re here to help you treat it. Don’t see a condition here that you’re looking for a natural treatment? Let us know! We’re always looking for new product ideas to research and develop.


Just want to say how wonderful your product is. The results were noticeable in three weeks. Even my husband commented how much younger and nicer my hands and face was…

Mrs. Iseke

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