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It’s the Season of Contact Sports, Here’s How to Heal a Bruise Quickly

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From football to rugby and hockey to skating, it’s the season of contact sports. And while team sports are tons of fun and a great alternative for staying fit, they also involve a lot of contact, which can result in bruising. Bruising happens when blood leaks out of blood vessels or capillaries, and seeps into the surrounding tissue. If you’re concerned about an ugly bruise, here’s how to heal it quickly: 1. Ice it. Icing a bruise immediately after impact is a great way to stop its spread because it keeps blood from seeping into the surrounding tissue. Applying a […]

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4 Tips For Transitioning Your Run from Summer to Fall

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Fall is here and it’s a fabulous time to hit the pavement. But as we move into the cool, crisp, and less humid weather of Fall, you may need to make a few adjustments to your running routine. Here are a few tips for running in the Fall: 1. You won’t need as much clothing as you think. When you step outside in the fall, you may at first feel the cool chill and think it’s time to bundle up. But remember that as the body warms up on your run, you won’t need as much clothing as you think. […]

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