Zax’s Original Scar Fading Cream


We fade your skin’s spots, so you can look as young as you feel. We know how bothersome spots on your skin can be.


Product Description

We help fade your scars, so your skin’s texture can be smooth again.

We know how aggravating scarring can be. Whether from stitches, stretch marks, acne, surgery or wounds. All of these conditions can benefit from Zax’s Scar Fading Cream. Our proprietary formula improves tone and texture of skin, moisturizes and fades the appearance of scars. Our scar cream is a fantastic combination of Centella Asiatica, Calendula extract , Pine bark extract, Aloe and Vitamin E.

  • Fades scars in just a few weeks! While softening skin too!
  • Non-Irritating, Non Staining, Pharmacist Developed Formula. Results Guaranteed!
  • Ideal for Scarring from: Acne, Surgery, Stitches, Stretch Marks and Burns.